RERC Co-Sponsoring Canyon X Half Marathon at Navajo Nation

Red Earth Running Company is excited to announce that we will be serving as co-sponsor to the upcoming Canyon X Half Marathon, hosted by our good friend and brand ambassador Harold Bennally. The half marathon will take place on Saturday, January 5, 2019 in LeChee, AZ. The run is strictly limited to 150 participants with registration opening up today at 12pm MST.

The course is centered on Canyon X, which is located on the Navajo Nation and deep within the iconic Antelope Canyon. It is, however, a more remote and less visited area than Upper Antelope Canyon. Canyon X, a pristine narrow slot canyon, is more than 180 ft. deep. The canyon is named after the X’s carved into the Navajo Sandstone from millions of years of windfall and rain. The race course has not yet been finalized due to permit verifications but that information is coming soon. Runners can definitely plan and prepare for a race course with sand, double track roads, ATV trails, washes, slot canyons, and up to an 1800 foot ascent. Aid stations with water and electrolyte drinks will be set up along the course. 

This is a fundraising event. Proceeds will support race organizer, Harold Bennally (Navajo), to participate in the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2019. Harold has committed to running the Boston Marathon in Navajo moccasins, a 26.2 mile journey that has never been completed by a Native person in moccasins. Navajo moccasins, usually made of leather and a soft flexible sole, are the traditional footwear of Navajo people. Many Native tribes and people across the US developed a favorite type of shoe/moccasin. Moccasins continue to be significant to Native people for formal, informal, indoor and outdoor purposes. Harold feels Boston Marathon is a awesome time and place to share the significance of moccasins with the world and to encourage younger generations of Native people to continue to utilize the traditional footwear our ancestors used for generations.

This is a zero waste event. We want to respect the lands we are visiting and maintain their natural beauty. To reduce waste and environmental impact, this is a cup less event. Participants are asked to please help us create a zero waste all trail event by bringing their own bottles for fluids.

Events like the Canyon X Half Marathon require a lot of volunteers to be safe and successful. There are many different ways to help before the event and on race day. If you have an interest in helping to make the event a success, please contact Harold Bennally at

Information for the event will be updated regularly as it becomes available. You can find updates and register for the Canyon X Half Marathon at the race registration page on Ultra Sign Up.

For more information please contact race host Harold Bennally: