Our Story

Red Earth Running Company was founded in 2016. We are a Native family owned and operated company located at Meskwaki Nation in Iowa. Our mission is to elevate awareness of Indigenous running and runners globally through media, apparel, and events. Red Earth Running Company emerged from our respect for running, our relationships with Native people, and our passion for supporting social causes in Native communities. 

Red Earth Running Company is not affiliated with any charity or specific charitable cause. Values of reciprocity and generosity guide our work. We also align with principles and practices of social enterprise. Profits from our efforts have supported various Native individuals, groups, and communities. For instance, we have provided meals for spiritual runs, assisted with registration fees for Native runners, and hosted community feasts before organized running events. We have also made donations to social causes, including efforts to reduce violence against Native women and a community-led effort to help Native youth access behavioral and mental health services.