Our Path


Red Earth Running Company, founded by Dirk Whitebreast (Meskwaki), is an independent running brand. We are a catalyst for positive change. We inspire endurance culture and grow wellness through running. Our mission is to elevate awareness of Indigenous running and runners globally through media, apparel, and events. We achieve this by:

  • Building a distinct Indigenous running brand and identity
  • Creating Indigenous designed running apparel and accessories
  • Collaborating with Indigenous running communities and groups globally
  • Sharing images and stories of Indigenous running and runners
  • Encouraging holistic health and wellness among Indigenous peoples

Red Earth Running star logo

Our Logo

The star is a symbol with many meanings. It is recognized by people all over the world. Our star symbolizes guidance and direction. We rely on it to set our path in the development of endurance culture. Endurance culture is a lifestyle. It's encompasses the practices that lead to the ability for overcoming challenges and coming away from those experiences more personally powerful – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.