Winter Count 2020

Winter Count is a virtual run organized by Red Earth Running Company. Winter Count 2020 was hosted from December 21-27. This virtual run coincides with the first day of winter in the northern hemisphere. It marks a seasonal shift when we start to see more sunlight. 


Winter Count is inspired by our relatives from the Northern Plains. It is a nod to winter counts, which are time honored tools used by Native families and communities to record significant events that happen throughout a year. Winter Count is an acknowledgment of this long-standing tradition of using a storytelling technique and art form to record and make meaning of events that happen throughout a year. 

This year has been significant. It marks a new decade. Globally, people are also experiencing a once in a lifetime pandemic. This worldwide event has shifted some of our ways of being and doing. In many places, it has also changed the way we gather and run. We organized Winter Count to gather (virtually), run, and mark this moment together.

Running is a universal language and art form too. It reminds us of who we are, where we come from, and the experiences that connect us. Winter Count is about keeping track of what's important and reflecting about the significant experiences and events that will serve as historical reminders of this time. It's also about remembering and learning from these moments so we can pass on the stories and lessons to the people that matter most.